About the Swedish Society of Nursing

The Swedish Society of Nursing is the professional society that brings registered nurses together on professional issues. The society was founded in 1910 and has since then been an arena and meeting place for clinical, educational, scientific and ethical discussions and decisions regarding nursing.

The operation is based on a humanistic view that respects life, equal values between people and rights that dont make differences between humans.


The Swedish Society of Nursing offers its members a wide variety of opportunities for self-improvement, within the profession, by organising conferences and workshops for nurses. All registered nurses and nursing students can apply for membership. In addition, foreign nurses, who are registered in their country of origin, but have not yet obtained a Swedish registration can apply for membership. Swedish Society of Nursing has about 60.000 members.

Associated organisations

More than 50 different organisations for specialist nurses are associated to Swedish Society of Nursing.

Meeting Place and Secretariat

The secretariat of Swedish Society of Nursing is situated in The House of Nurses (Sjuksköterskornas Hus) in Stockholm. The building also houses conference rooms and lounges.