Sårbehandling - Master start spring 2019

Admission requirements Bachelor's degree in health and social studies. At least one year of relevant clinical practice. Alternatively, applicants must have a minimum of 20% emplyment in a relevant position during the course. Students must meet the general admission criteria of an average mark C from the bachelor programme. English Language Proficiency Requirements. This course is recommended for nurses already admitted to a Master's degree programme within the Nordic countries, or for nurses with a completed Master's degree.

Teaching is conducted with synchronous and asynchronous instruction on the Internet, as well as gatherings with fellow students. The gatherings consist of lectures, case discussions, supervision, group work and practical training in workshops. Before, between and following the gatherings, students have access to online resources and e-learning for self-study, they complete multiple choice exercises, work on the examination paper and develop practical skills through experiences from their own workplace. Participation in gatherings is mandatory.

The programme will cover:

  • Skin, circulation and wound healing in acute and chronic wounds
  • Assessment of pathophysiological factors and wound diagnostics
  • Promoting and inhibiting factors for wound healing
  • Wound bed preparation, treatment principles and selection of wound care products
  • Prevalence and incidence of various types of wounds
  • Risk assessment and prevention of various types of wounds
  • Organization and development of services focusing on interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral interaction and approach in the prevention and treatment of wounds
  • Consequences of wounds for the individual, next of kin and society
  • Evidence-based prevention and treatment
  • Documentation

(Although wound pain is one of the most troublesome symptoms of leg and foot ulcers, pain will not be dealt with in depth in this course because it is included in other elective courses at USN.)

Tid 14 jan 00:00 - 20 maj 00:00
Plats Universitetet i Drammen, Norge
Arrangör University of South-Eastern Norway
Program Administrator Edda Aslaug Johansson 31 00 88 72

General e-mail: postmottak@usn.no

E-mail International Relations Section: international@usn.no 

E-mail Admissions Office: admissions@usn.no

Sista ansökningsdag 1 november 2018

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