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EWMA 5-7 Juni 2019 i Göteborg

INBJUDAN Det är ett stort nöje att tillkännage den 29.e Konferensen för Europeiska Wound Management Association, EWMA 2019. Tema för EWMA konferensen är: Person-centred Wound Care. Who is in Charge of the Wound? Konferensen anordnas av EWMA i samarbete med SSiS. Vi ser fram emot att välkomna dig till Göteborg!

EWMA 2019 prel.program.pdfTheme of the EWMA 2019 conference:

Person-centred Wound Care. Who is in charge of the Wound?

A wound is always part of someone's body; a person has to live with it. The patient hereby qualifies for being an important member of the team focusing on wound healing. When all professionals, with their specific competences, work together with the patient, progress can be made and, clinical knowledge and competences can be developed and shared. A multidisciplinary inter-professional team and person-centred wound care approach will support the wound healing process, increase patients' quality of life and be more cost effective.

The EWMA 2019 conference will focus on the importance of improved and continued education of physicians, nurses, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals engaged in wound management.

The EWMA 2019 conference will be held in Gothenburg. A sustainable city in development with an exceptional combination of city life, culture and nature making it an ideal venue for the EWMA 2019 conference gathering the European and international wound management communities with the common goal of improving the care of wound patients.


EWMA 2019 prel.program.pdf

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SSiS stream/programme

Swedish Stream. The conference will feature a 2-day Swedish programme as well as several key sessions, streams and workshops simultaneously translated from English into Swedish.

SSiS logga
Tid 5 jun 08:00 - 7 jun 16:00
Plats Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre & Gothia Towers, Göteborg Sweden.

Arrangör EWMA i samarbete med SSiS

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