SCALE, Skin Changes at Life's End. Final Consensus Statement. Health care organizations need to ensure the provision of resources that enable health care professionals to identify and care for SCALE while maintaining the dignity of the patient, family and circle of care to the end of life.


SCALE Panel members are in agreement that there are observable changes in the skin at the end of life. Our current understanding of this complex phenomenon is limited and the panel concludes that additional research is necessary to assess the etiology of SCALE, to clinically describe and diagnose the related skin changes, and to recommend appropriate pathways of care. The panel recommends that clinicians, laypeople, and policy makers need to be better educated in the medical, social, legal and financial ramifications of SCALE.


R. Gary Sibbald, BSc, MD, FRCPC (Med, Derm),MACP, FAAD, MEd, FAPWCA University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada,
Diane L. Krasner, PhD, RN, CWCN, CWS, BCLNC, FAAN, Wound & Skin Care Consultant, York, PA, USA, Corresponding Author: 212 East Market Street, York, PA 17403 USA

Dokument SCALE, October 1, 2009